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A unique place to immerse yourself in this wonderful sport. A large practice area for learning and improvement with qualified golf teachers and views of Sierra Espuña.
The Alhama Signatue Golf Academy offers individual and group classes for beginners as well as for more experienced golfers who want to continue improving their game.

Located next to the golf course and overlooking the Sierra Espuña, this golf school has all the necessary infrastructure to learn to play golf or to improve your game:

Our golf professionals are available to pass on their experience and teach all levels of golfers through a wide variety of programmes.

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Jerónimo Janssens Koster (PGA Head Pro Golf Academy)


Everyone wants to improve, right? It’s easier to play along the course, but how do you do it? In my opinion, going back to simplicity, hit a good ball with the possibilities you have! And yes, that’s different for everyone, that’s why I like to coach and train students, I call it Next Generation Teaching, at the end of the day it’s about the golfer, it’s about yourself. Not coaching and letting everyone play the same way, but looking and understanding what is necessary for each player, golf is not a game of perfection!

My Specialities
During my PGA training I observed several golf courses and the golfers who play them. Not surprisingly, over 70% are 40 years old or older. I started to focus on that, because how are we going to get that group of golfers to play better golf with the swing that they have generally taught themselves. Swinging like Tiger Woods, Henrik Stenson or Cameron Smith is utopia, training with aids like bottles behind your feet or making it up, that doesn’t work anymore! The answer is, train individually and use simple adjustments to get the most out of it. After all, we all want a good score, but above all we want to leave the course with a sense of satisfaction, because you are only as good as your last ball!

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Need new grips on your drivers, hybrids, woods, irons, wedges or putters? Contact your Alhama Signature Golf Academy ProTeam.

  • Free Grip Advice
  • Free Grip Check
  • Fast re-grip service

Why are good grips important to your golf game?

  • Grips that are too thin, incorrect or too slippery have a great influence on the direction and feel of the ball, and there are increasingly softer and different grips for older people or people with arthrosis and other hand or finger problems.
  • Grips that are too thin will make you squeeze too tightly, shortening your muscles and making you more likely to hit the ball «wrong» (over the top).
  • Grips that are too slippery will cause the club to twist in your hands, causing a ‘hook’ or ‘slice’.
    – With the wrong grips you will always have problems in your hands after playing.


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In addition, it has an outstanding selection of International Medical Centres in the Region of Murcia and in other key locations throughout the country.

For greater peace of mind, ASSSA contractually guarantees the non-cancellation of the policy due to age, illness or usage, and there is no increase in premium because of age. Likewise, their health insurance is without co-payments and currently offers exceptional lifetime discounts.

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