Alhama Signature Golf

Considered one of the best golf courses in Spain. A very long and spectacular course, with 5 large lakes, 116 bunkers with very peculiar and varied shapes, original circular tees, wide fairways and fast greens. A whole field of first class. Alhama Signature Golf is an 18-hole par 72 course measuring 6,900 meters from the farthest tee.

With 48 hectares of original terrain, the course stands out for its abrupt elevation changes and for having four spectacular lakes, which will play a fundamental role in the development of the game. «Its design is designed for all types of players offering multiple options that make them think before executing the shot», as defined by Jack Nicklaus.

Throughout the tour you can enjoy wonderful views of Sierra Espuña, the most popular mountain range in the Region of Murcia. Its desert-style landscaping is bathed with large areas of sand covered by the autochthonous flora and fauna of the Mediterranean area. A beautiful field that fills your eyes from anywhere, and helps you have great moments.

As Jack Nicklaus says, “My game came to a certain point in time. Designing fields is my passion and what I feel most accomplished with. Every time I see one of my tours I feel that it is something that will last forever.

Alhama Signature, a great golf course that will surely soon be the venue for some great professional tournament, because without a doubt this course deserves a visit from the great professionals, and Alhama Signature Golf is already working on it…

An Ecological Golf Course

Alhama Signature Golf was the first golf course in Spain to be sown entirely on fairways and greens, with the Paspalum Platinum cepitacea, a variety of grass that tolerates very well all adverse difficulties such as: heat, player traffic, drought and above all irrigation with very low quality water with a high degree of salinity. In short, the 10 grass for such a dry area as the one we live in.

As for the vegetation, plants from the Region of Murcia were used. A total of 120,000 plants and shrubs were planted to cover a large part of the surface and recreate the landscape of the area. Alongside this Mediterranean vegetation, 1,000 native pine trees were also planted in addition to those already existing in the area.

Characteristics of Paspalum Platinum::

  • Tighter density
  • Better disease resistance
  • Better spring dormancy
  • Rapid germination
  • Faster growth
  • Excellent salt tolerance
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Reduced cutting heights
  • Stronger overall performance
  • Thin, deep dark green, thin blade
  • Can be cut as low as 1/8″ (3 mm) and can be cut as high as 2″ (50 mm).
  • Excellent irrigation water tolerance with high salt solution.
  • Reduces weed growth.


PAR: 4
HCP: 14

From White: 391 metres
From Black: 337 metres
From Yellow: 334 metres
From Blue: 334 metres
From Red: 285 metres

Nice par 4 with a large bunker on the right side of the fairway. The shot to the green is difficult because you have to get the distance right as the green is narrow and diagonal defended by two bunkers to the left and right.


PAR: 4
HCP: 10

From White: 411 metres
From Black: 353 metres
From Yellow: 344 metres
From Blue: 329 metres
From Red: 298 metres

Impressive and long par 4 with a high tee shot. On the first shot you have to lean on the right flank, as the fairway slopes to the left. The shot to the green is protected by several bunkers to the right and left and the green has several slopes that make it a challenge.


PAR: 3
HCP: 18

From White: 203 metres
From Black: 182 metres
From Yellow: 142 metres
From Blue: 142 metres
From Red: 91 metres

Long Par 3 with a very well placed green. The flag at the back of the green or short right side will be a challenge. Avoid the left side of the green as you can get into serious trouble.


PAR: 5
HCP: 6

From White: 505 metres
From Black: 447 metres
From Yellows: 440 metres
From Blue: 438 metres
From Reds: 377 metres

One of the most impressive par 5’s in the area. It consists of a lake starting from the tee and winding its way down the right hand side of the fairway until it reaches the green. The strategy to follow is to play the hole on the left side avoiding some bunkers to avoid the water hazard.


PAR: 4
HCP: 8

From White: 377 metres
From Black: 338 metres
From Yellow: 332 metres
From Blue: 325 metres
From Red: 280 metres

Difficult Par 4 from the tee you already have a frontal lake to reach the fairway, the ball will have to fly more than 160 m. if we want to pass the obstacle. The shot to the green is complicated and long, due to the fact that the green is crossed and narrow as well as having several important pianos and an important area of west bunker on the right.


PAR: 4
HCP: 4

From White: 433 metres
From Black: 379 metres
From Yellow: 356 metres
From Blue: 356 metres
From Red: 324 metres

Long Par 4 and narrow, to go off the fairway is to get into serious trouble because of the dense rough and the areas of west bunkers plagued with native vegetation, which reminds us of those links in Scotland. The shot to the green is difficult because you have to hit the distance as the green is narrow and diagonal.


PAR: 3
HCP: 16

From White: 212 metres
From Black: 185 metres
From Yellow: 150 metres
From Blue: 150 metres
From Red: 133 metres

The last Par 3 of the first round which from the tee looks very far away. The shot must be precise if we want to reach the green, in the event of an error it is advisable to miss to the right. The green with several platforms requires a lot of precision if you want to make par.


PAR: 4
HCP: 12

From White: 391 metres
From Black: 350 metres
From Yellow: 330 metres
From Blue: 330 metres
From Red: 297 metres

Short Par 4 where you have to decide to tee off with a Driver to get closer to the green, even if that means hitting one of the 4 or 5 bunkers waiting for you. Or play a hybrid or even an iron to have a 2nd shot from the fairway. The shot to the green with the flag on the right is dangerous because of the large sloping bunker waiting short of the green. The green is designed to be uphill from the fairway, therefore, you can shoot a little too far and let the ball do a little backspin.


PAR: 5
HCP: 2

From White: 515 metres
From Black: 450 metres
From Yellow: 442 metres
From Blue: 435 metres
From Red: 386 metres

A long Par 5 that will become more complicated as the hole progresses. The second shot with water on the right and the bunkers on the left require a lot of precision, better to stay short than in the hazard. The green is long and frontal which allows us to play a little longer to avoid the bunkers.


PAR: 4
HCP: 13

From White: 404 metres
From Black: 360 metres
From Yellow: 352 metres
From Blue: 326 metres
From Red: 297 metres

A Par 4 with a downhill tee shot with water on the left, a daring shot would be to try to fly over the water or a conservative shot to the right of the fairway. The green is very well protected with bunkers left and right.


PAR: 3
HCP: 9

From White: 179 metres
From Black: 159 metres
From Yellow: 133 metres
From Blue: 116 metres
From Red: 110 metres

A long Par 3 that makes it necessary to cross the flying water hazard. The green is defended by a bunker at the front and another at the back which requires a very precise shot to reach the green.


PAR: 4
HCP: 7

From White: 412 metres
From Black: 360 metres
From Yellow: 348 metres
From Blue: 316 metres
From Red: 307 metres

A Par 4 where the most difficult part is the tee shot which requires a straight shot to the fairway and over a large desert area. The green has a very pronounced piano that splits it in half from right to left.


PAR: 5
HCP: 5

From White: 488 metres
From Black: 442 metres
From Yellow: 437 metres
From Blue: 380 metres
From Red: 376 metres

Straight and long Par 5 with a water hazard on the left all the way down the hole. The green is turned to the left so that the entire left side is protected by the lake. The third shot will be the key to an optimum result.


PAR: 4
HCP: 3

From White: 422 metres
From Black: 367 metres
From Yellow: 358 metres
From Blue: 308 metres
From Red: 304 metres

This straight Par 4 plays uphill and with a fairly wide farway and no bunkers. The key to this hole is the green, narrow at the front but with large drop offs on both sides that can carry the ball off the green.


PAR: 4
HCP: 15

From White: 360 metres
From Black: 332 metres
From Yellow: 323 metres
From Blue: 318 metres
From Red: 287 metres

With a slight dog leg to the right this Par 4 offers several alternatives for play: one is to avoid the bunkers on the right with a long shot to the left, or two an iron shot to the centre of the fairway which will offer a good view of the green and the two side bunkers.


PAR: 5
HCP: 1

From White: 582 metres
From Black: 501 metres
From Yellow: 491 metres
From Blue: 444 metres
From Red: 439 metres

This Par 5 is the longest hole on the golf course. From the tee you cannot see the green. The fairway is very well protected by large bunkers on the right and left as well as a small desert area that splits the fairway in half. The green is very well protected by a large area of bunkers on the right.


PAR: 3
HCP: 17

From White: 197 metres
From Black: 173 metres
From Yellow: 158 metres
From Blue: 120 metres
From Red: 117 metres

With a downhill shot the green is protected by three side bunkers, one to the front, one to the back left and one to the right. The green is quite long and very mobile with several platforms, you have to be very accurate to put the ball on the right platform.


PAR: 4
HCP: 11

From White: 402 metres
From Black: 344 metres
From Yellow: 333 metres
From Blue: 295 metres
From Red: 291 metres

With a water hazard on the left side of the hole and the wind it is essential to find the centre of the fairway protected by a pair of bunkers on the right side. From the fairway you will have a good view of the green, which is slightly elevated with bunkers to the right and left of the hole.